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Charlie the year of the dog

Charlie the year of the dog


Had some interesting information sent over from the lovely people at Willerby about keeping us amused and in the best of health while we are helping you enjoy your holidays. This is what they had to say and I know it is not too hot out there at the moment with The Beast From The East on the rampage but some of these tips are good for being indoors with the heating on more!!

Thinking of going away with the family but don’t want to leave your furry friend at home? Well now you don’t have to! 

To celebrate our new pet-friendly option, we’ve teamed up with dog expert, Christina Meaney, co-founder of The Animal Behaviour Centre, to bring you some pawsome top tips when going on holiday with your pooch.

Woof-et & spade

If you’re taking your dog to the beach when it’s hot, it might seem like a great idea to cool your pet pooch down in the sea, but keep an eye out to check that they don’t drink too much salt water as this will dehydrate them further.

Carrying plenty of clean water with you will not only keep them hydrated, but is also helpful to clean the sand from their paws which can be an irritant for some dogs.

Top tip: When setting up your base at the beach, make sure your dog is familiar with where their water bowl is kept at all times.

It’s a dog’s life

To give your dog the best chance of settling in at night time, take a blanket and some toys from home that carry a familiar scent, or if your dog is crate trained make sure that you take the crate away with you.

Doing this will instantly dispel any feelings of anxiety and soothe them when in unfamiliar surroundings.

If this doesn’t work and your dog is struggling to settle in, try sitting with them near their bed for at least ten minutes before bedtime.

Give a dog a bone

It’s often difficult to know how to keep yourself occupied on long car journeys, nevermind how to keep your pooch entertained! Giving them a chew or their favourite toy to play with, as well as taking regular ‘pet-stops’ for them to stretch their legs will help make the time pass in a flash.

Hot dog

Going on a hike is the perfect activity for the whole family to enjoy and make sure your dog gets those vital 30 minutes of exercise per day. When planning your route, be sure to avoid heading out during the hottest periods of the day between 12 noon and 3pm to minimise risk of overheating and dehydration.

Not sure what to look out for? Here are some signs that your dog might be overheating: heavy panting, dry or pale gums, increased drooling, deep and rapid breathing and skin not returning to position when lifted.

Top tip:  Believe it or not, there is a thing as too much exercise! If you have an elderly or young puppy, 5 minutes exercise for each month of the dog’s life up to 1 year of age is ample.

Pawsome trick training

There’s no better time to learn a new skill than when you’re on holiday, so why not give each member of the family a trick to teach your dog?

The Kennel Club recommends ‘Clicker and Target Training’ which uses a combination of a clicker and treat reward method. This method is sure to help your old dog learn new tricks in a flash.

Top tip: Just 10 minutes of concentration training using a clicker is the equivalent to almost seven and half hours of free running exercise for the dog.



Today has been quite a busy day sorting through some photo that can be used on our social media pages and getting some more information on the Pawsome pack so for now her are afew photos that you may find interesting and also a couple of links to our Facebook and twitter pages


Hi my names Charlie. Some of you will already know me, the photo is one of me when I was little. I am a bit bigger now and a little bit more responsible (ha ha). Mum thinks I could do a good job of helping her out this coming year, which by the way is the Chinese year of the dog. I will with a few of my poochie pals by keeping you up to date on all there is to know about going and staying in your Willerby holiday home.
With the new holidaying season about to start and the clever people at Willerby having come up with the Pawsome pack I am going to be in charge of news, reviews and anything else that’s canine related.
To kick start this year off I am going to be doing a blog on the Southern Counties Leisure website. It will have fun photos lots of info on the Pawsome pack, holiday parks that are really dog friendly and loads loads more. It will have regular updates of the best places to go but I will need a bit of help from Willerby holiday Home owners and from Holiday Parks. I need photos of your doggies enjoying their time while holidaying. recommendations of parks and if you are a park owner that wants to get the info out that you are dog friendly then email with your details.
Who knows I or one of my poochie pals could drop by and give your park a review.
So keep checking out this blog and watch for the tweets and posts
Love Charlie and Co x


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