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Further Protection From The Elements

Thermo Max

All our holiday homes comply with, and in many cases exceed, the specification dictated by the European standard for holiday home manufacture (EN 1647), with high quality insulation components and modern window and door systems utilised as standard.

Our Best Ever Thermal Performance

Adding our thermal upgrade package Therma Max to your holiday home can improve its performance by up to 51%*, significantly improving its energy efficiency, reducing heat loss and subsequently extending usage throughout all seasons.

The thermal performance of a holiday home is measured by calculating its 'U' Value. A 'U' Value is a measure of heat loss - simply stated it is a measure of the flow of heat through an insulating or building material.

'U' Values are measured in units of W/m2k, and show the amount of heat lost in watts (W) per square metre of material (such as walls, floors, windows and roof spaces) when the temperature (k) outside is at least one degree lower than that inside. So, the lower the U-Value, the better the insulating ability.

Typical Improvements In Performance

THERMA MAX Standard Average 'U' Value Therma Max Average 'U' Value Therma Max Average 'U' Value
Vogue Lodge
(42 x 14 2 bedroom)
0.50Wm²K 0.33Wm²K 35%
(38 x 12' 6" 2 bedroom)
0.69Wm²K 0.33Wm²K 51%
Rio Gold
(35 x 12 2 bedroom)
0.73Wm²K 0.36Wm²K 50%

Eco Packs

Helping To Reduce Your Water And Fuel Bills

Willerby leads the industry in terms of environmental excellence, and is committed to the ongoing development of operationally-efficient holiday homes that have a minimal impact on our environment. Our optional Eco Pack is designed to reduce both water and energy consumption, saving you money.

Fitted as standard on the Vogue Lodge, the Eco Pack can be specified on all other Willerby and BK Bluebird models, and includes:

Combisave Device To Your Combi Boiler*

Independent tests show that as soon as you switch on your boiler, the first ten litres used in the process of heating water are wasted. As such, more gas than is needed is burnt, excess carbon is produced and time is wasted.

CombiSave is a thermostatically operated valve that can be fitted to a combi boiler. By controlling the flow of water during the initial firing process, CombiSave accelerates the heating of water and reduces the amount of fuel required - thereby helping the environment, and saving you time and money!

Additional Water-Saving Devices

  • Reduced cistern flush
  • Multi-position taps
  • Aerated shower and tap fittings

* Please note that this device can only be fitted on a combi boiler, and is therefore only available on holiday homes where central heating is either fitted as standard, or has been specified as an option

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